Primary school needed for Mernda South

We are asking the State Government to commit funds for land purchase and planning for a primary school in Mernda South, to be delivered no later than 2016.

Mernda South is separated geographically from other parts of Mernda and Doreen and completely lacking any community infrastructure.

The provision of this fourth primary school for the Mernda/Doreen area will ensure access to education that will not cause undue pressure and strain on families, young people and educators in a key growth corridor of Melbourne’s North.

Current situation

  • The current population of Mernda-Doreen is 19,548. The population is forecast to reach 39,841 by 2016 and 49,566 by 2021. In 10 years’ time the population will reach 51,208.
  • Results of the ABS Census of 2011 show that 58% of households in Mernda-Doreen are either couples or sole parents with children.
  • Significant proportions of Mernda kids are considered developmentally vulnerable across the 5 domains of the Australian Early Development Index:
    • physical health and wellbeing (12.5%)
    • social competence (10%)
    • emotional maturity (17.5%)
    • language and cognitive skills (10%)
    • communication skills and general knowledge (17.5%)
      It is particularly important for these children that their and their family’s engagement with education is a consistent and positive experience.
  • Dependence on cars for transport in Mernda and Doreen is clearly illustrated by travel to work and car ownership data:
    • 77% of residents rely on a private motor vehicle (either as driver or passenger) to  travel  to  work,  compared  with  65%  in  Greater  Melbourne.
    • 56%  of  Mernda  and  Doreen households own 2 cars, 18% own 3 or more, compared with 36% and 15% in Greater Melbourne respectively.
  • Residents of Whittlesea growth areas are experiencing greater levels of mortgage stress than other Victorians – 28.7% in Mernda, 26.4% in Doreen compared with 11% in Greater Melbourne.

Household forecasts

There are already over 9,100 households in the Mernda Doreen area and it is forecast that this number will exceed 12,500 by 2016.

According to planning triggers used by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Developemt (DEECD), this number of households currently warrants 3 government primary schools and indicates that a fourth primary school will need to be delivered by 2016.

Current schools

  • Laurimar Primary School: currently 965 students
  • Mernda Primary School: currently 600 students
  • Doreen South Primary School: under construction, to be completed end of 2013

Project cost

Approximately, is $10 million including planning and construction.

Last Updated: 17 September 2013


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