Drinking water transport vehicles

Businesses that sell water for human consumption to the public – water carters - must register their water transport vehicles under the Food Act 1984.

Human consumption includes drinking water and water used for food preparation, making ice for consumption or preserving unpackaged food.

Regulations for water carters

Private drinking water carters must register their water transport vehicles with their principal council to operate in Victoria, according to the Food Act 1984.

The principal council for water carters is where the vehicle is garaged.

You can easily register by using the Streatrader website, which automatically determines and notifies your principal council. This website also allows you to lodge Statement of Trade documents.

Further information

How to register

  1. Login to the Streatrader website.
  2. Submit your registration form on Streatrader pay the relevant fee (currently $260 for 12 months in City of Whittlesea).
  3. Submit a Statement of Trade online with Streatrader (at least 5 days before trading). The principal council and the councils where you are trading will automatically be notified.
Last Updated: 03 July 2013


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