Food vending machines

Owners of food businesses that sell food from vending machines, must register or notify their vending machines, under the Food Act 1984.

Note: A ‘self-serve’ machine (such as for making coffee) - located in a business such as a convenience store - where the customer then pays an attendant is not a food vending machine.

Regulations for food vending machines

The owner of a food business selling food from a vending machine must obtain some level of Food Act registration to operate in Victoria.

You must register or notify your principal council, which is where the vending machine food is prepared or stored.

If you do not store food, it is the council where your business address is located.

You can easily register by using the Streatrader website, which automatically determines and notifies your principal council. This website also allows you to lodge Statement of Trade documents.


You do not need to register or notify food vending machines if:

  • you hire out the machine to someone else who sells food from them
  • you supply food to a food business who then use this food to stock a vending machine
  • a food vending machine is located on your premises, but you are not the person selling food from that machine

Further information

For more information about registering and notifying food vending machines, visit the Department of Health website.

How to register

  1. Login to the Streatrader website.
  2. Answer questions about your food-handling activities to determine your food safety risk classification and fees to pay.
  3. Register under Class 2 or 3 (we charge a fee to commercial operators) or complete a once-off notification form under Class 4 (no councils charge a fee).
  4. Submit your form on Streatrader.
  5. Submit a Statement of Trade online with Streatrader (at least 5 days before trading). The principal council and the councils where you are trading will automatically be notified.
Last Updated: 10 September 2013