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Mona Mrad - Welcome Expo 2020

About Mona Mrad

Our free and confidential financial counselling service is for anyone experiencing financial difficulties. It is available in the cities of Banyule, Darebin, Nillumbik, Whittlesea, and Yarra. Financial counselling can provide information and support to you if you are experiencing difficulties managing your money. The information you receive through this service will be from a qualified financial counsellor who adheres to industry standards.

Our counsellors will treat you with respect, trust, compassion, and you will not be judged. What will the financial counsellor do? They can help you with a range of financial matters including:  Providing an independent assessment of your financial position:

  • Helping you prioritise your bills and debts 
  • Providing information on rules and laws about payment obligations
  • Advising what creditors can and can’t do regarding assets and property
  • Assisting you in negotiations with creditors
  • Helping you with letters and legal documents

Financial counsellors won’t take over your finances, do tax returns, offer investment advice, or pay any of your bills.

How can you get help? Please get in touch with us on the number below. If we can’t assist you over the phone, we will arrange a further phone or face-to-face appointment depending on your situation.

We can assist you faster if you have the following financial information on hand:

  • Outstanding bills
  • Demand notices
  • Court orders
  • Pay slips/Centrelink income statements
  • Bank/credit card statements
  • Rent/mortgage amounts



Get in touch To book an appointment, call 1800 685 682 or email: