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Yarra Valley Water - Welcome Expo 2020

About Yarra Valley Water

Welcome to Whittlesea, At Yarra Valley Water we service over 2 million people and more than 50,000 businesses across a 4,000-kilometre area, from Wallan in the north to Warburton in the east.

We supply water and remove and treat sewage, most of which is transferred to Melbourne Water’s treatment plants. The rest is treated at our ten regional plants, where we also recycle water for use in homes, sports fields and public spaces.

Our organisational purpose is to support the health and well-being of our customers and create a brighter future for communities and the natural environment. This purpose sets out our commitment to a sustainable future. The region we service is amazingly diverse, with over one third of our customers speaking a language other than English and over 200 languages spoken by our customers.

Our approach to supporting customers that need help paying their bill is individually tailored using a combination of our programs, government grants and referral to community support or financial counselling where appropriate.

We understand that everyone's circumstances are different, and our support needs to be flexible. Please reach out for anything from a payment arrangement, help loading your concession card, assistance with a utility relief grant or more urgent support. You can speak to us in your language through our interpreter service and we have our support information translated in multiple languages.

One final word, we're extremely lucky that Melbourne has some of the best tap water in the world. There is no need to buy bottled water or boil your water before use.

If you ever have any concerns about your water, please get in touch.

Thank you and again, welcome to Whittlesea!

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