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Community Group Support Grant Program

The Community Group Support Grant Program provided funding of up to $2,000 to support community groups to reconnect with each other by resuming pre-COVID activities or transition to new ways of operating (e.g. online activities).

Hazel Glen College

Hazel Glen College Year 12 Community Light Show

The project provides a light show celebrating the achievements of the school’s inaugural Year 12 students. The project aims to bring the community back together while celebrating the school’s first Year 12 students.

Young Girls Mindfulness Support Group

Young Girls Group

This project will support local females (under 30 years) who experience severe mental ill-health and social isolation. The project aims to deliver online activities, peer-led therapeutic group activities and a trip to Melbourne Museum once restrictions have lifted.

Doreen Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers back together again

The applicant will resume their pre-COVID activities and offer craft and exercise classes. The project aims to increase social connection for the group's members who have been isolated during restrictions.

Mernda Community House

Art studio

The applicant will deliver a term (10 weeks) of online art classes for children and adults. The project aims to increase community connections, increase knowledge, skills and confidence in exploring art mediums and improved mental health and wellbeing.

Foundation of Mindfulness Australia (FOMA)

Mindfulness – Post COVID

The applicant will offer online and face to face teachings from Buddhist knowledge, Yoga, and Meditation. The project aims to introduce mindfulness techniques and practices to the community by utilizing the skills of experienced practitioners and experts in the field.

Epping North Scout Group

Free post-COVID camp for members of Epping North Scout Group

The applicant will purchase equipment and run a post-COVID-19 camp for Epping North Scout members. This project will help re-establish face to face friendships, reduce financial strains on families and increase camp participation rates.

Hope Street Youth Like Foyer Program

Living skills for life

This project will help young people (aged 16 - 25 years) develop creativity and life skills through teaching hand and machine sewing. Sessions are normally held face to face, however this project will allow participants to learn within their homes.

Mill Park Community Services Group

Zoom or here!!

This project aims to re-establish community links and bring people back to the Community House (either face to face or via Zoom). The applicant will offer a ‘Welcome Back Party’, liaise with participants in order to develop sustainable remote contact for those who chose not to return face to face.  

Whittlesea Showgrounds & Recreation Reserves Committee of Management

Monday Market post COVID preparation

The applicant will purchase PPE and signage and advertise the return of Whittlesea’s Monday Market. The project aims to support reconnection of volunteers and create a sense of community.

Yonan Hozaya’s Centre for future studies

Ongoing activities during COVID-19

The applicant will create an easy to use website (and related technologies – e.g. voice recognition) that uses and promotes the usage of the Syriac language. This will increase accessibility of services and support members who are increasingly relying on online communication.

Diamond Valley Multiple Birth Association (DVMBA)

Groceries for families

The applicant will supply groceries (2 meals) for 30 - 40 families who have experienced the birth of multiples or are considered vulnerable.  The project aims to reduce financial strain and stress, provide a sense of connection and remind people about the Association.

Epping Tennis Club

Membership reduction and support

The applicant will subsidise membership fees for existing (2020) members. The project aims to ease members financial strain and encourage people to keep playing tennis.

Australian Shia Gathering Place

Creative prospects

The applicant will run a series of eight, culturally safe, creative workshops for children, aged 8 – 16year old, from the Iraqi community. The project aims to provide social interaction, creative skill development and provision of activities which are often out of reach for these families.

Zimbabwe United Methodist

Young and connected champions

The aim of this project is to keep youth (aged 10 - 25 years) connected by providing online activities such as yoga, cooking classes and music. In order to ensure that platforms are safely managed, adult volunteers will support and moderate platforms.

Whittlesea Malayalee Association

Malayali Cultural Fest 2020

The applicant will provide a 10-week program of cultural arts workshops which will culminate in an online cultural festival. The project aims to improve understanding of cultural diversity, increase community connections and promote values of brotherhood and respect.