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Whittlesea Creative Communities Fund

The Whittlesea Creative Communities Fund provides financial assistance of up to $2,000 to local artists and creative groups who have been economically affected by the COVID pandemic.

WCCF 2021 (Round four)

Whittlesea Primary School 

Climate Pledge Footpath Stickers

The Students of Whittlesea Primary School are doing a Climate Pledge art project on canvas. The students want to make a statement to the wider community about their feelings on climate change and their intentions to act on it.

Cultural Diversity Network 

Bond with Mother Nature

The aim of this project is to foster collaboration between women from CALD backgrounds, by coming together to create a collaborative artwork.

Plenty Valley Arts 

Meet your local artists

PVA will provide an opportunity for the public to meet internationally famous local artists in a relaxed environment at Hawkstowe Park.

Brett Cardwell 

The Whittlesea Cartooning Project

A series of how to draw cartoons which will prepare the participates to contribute to The Whittlesea Cartooning Project "Whittlesea - through the eyes of a cartoonist" culminating in an online art show and physical display.

Rachel Findeis 

Dance On!

A creative, hip hop and contemporary dance class for young children as well as children with special needs, Dance On will promote connection and self esteem in their unique capabilities.

Nelson Vingta 

Blues Brother Review

Blues Xpress will showcase a live Blues Brothers Review featuring the music of the Blues Brothers movie with a 10 piece band including a 4 piece brass section.

Catherine Blakey 

Recording our Heritage

The artist plans to document some of the magnificent heritage Eucalyptus Trees in the City of Whittlesea by painting them on large acyclic canvases.

Pat Lajoie

Guitar showcase performance

A concert to showcase the guitar as the lead instrument and as a rhythm instrument and to promote the newly established music hub in Epping.

Sim Luttin 


'Transcend' is time-based photography and art jewellery installation project focusing on nature's beauty as a counterbalance and provisional antidote to the impact of Covid-19 and other adverse local and global events.

Bernadette Novembre 

Into the Now

The project will see the recording, producing and creating promotional content for the artist, Bernadette Novembre’s full-length album, Into The Now.


WCCF 2020 (Round three)

Laura Miller

Happy Hips Dance Project

The applicant will deliver a series of free community dance workshops for local women.

Lucy Cleary

Botanical Fantasy - Life in Glass

A three part mosaic project offering workshops, exhibitions and the creation of a new piece of collaborative artwork.

Stephen Hawker

Lighting Workshops for Secondary School Students

The applicant will deliver educational lighting workshops for teachers and students studying Victorian Curriculum theatre studies, including VCE Units.

Melissa Thomas

Northern Suburbs Artist Collective

This project involves the applicant creating and producing a website and shop for the Northern Suburbs Artist Collective.

Gary McKie

Whittlesea Sound Project

The artist will promote specific sites within the shire by making 'field recordings' of those sites, to create natural soundscapes which will be exhibited within the City of Whittlesea.

Angela Perry

Future Foundations Creative Workshop and Art Exhibition 2020

This project will empower at-risk primary school children through a community project that combines a creative arts program and personal mentoring.

Karen Casey

Safely Connected

The artist will design a number of graphic solutions for signage that can be used around the city of Whittlesea to help remind people to be aware of the continual need to socially distance and where necessary wear masks.

Paul Mulligan

Side Stage – Roundtable

This project will facilitate an on-going roundtable discussion aimed at the creative bodies and organisations comprising the Australian Music industry.

Josephine Mead

COVID Drawings Publication

The artist will produce a publication of COVID drawings, documenting the pandemic from an Australian perspective and creating a valuable visual archive.


WCCF 2020 (Round two)

Jake McCormick

Apartment 36

Local Film Studies Student, Jake McCormick, will create a short film incorporating the local community and environment.

Kerry Clarke

Sharing the Music

Sharing the Music is the creation of a free resources link accessible to local music leaders, groups and individuals for teaching and for singing along purposes.

Hannah Zreikat

Songs and Music

The aim of this project is to deliver a platform for locals representing diverse cultural backgrounds to come together and share music.

Jarrod Grech

Street Art

The artist will spray paint local landscapes and murals over vandalism.

Mernda Community House

Weaving Community Harmony

Weaving Community Harmony is a collaborative yarn bombing and community singing event.

Guralambir Singh

United We Stand

This is an online theatrical version of play aimed at uniting and training aspiring artists from the Whittlesea community.

Meg de Young

Whittlesea Community Garden Mural

The artist will create a mural that will go on display in the Whittlesea Community Garden. Discover more here

Jonathon Morrison

Finlandia: The Music of Jean Sibelius

The artist will deliver a series of online music sessions featuring the music of Finnish musician Jean Sibelius.

Robbie Coburn

The Whittlesea Rodeo

This project will be a new collection of poetry based on the farmlands outside of the Whittlesea area, horses and the annual Whittlesea rodeo.

Alisha Sazdova

Through Poetic Eyes

Local teenager Alisha will deliver a collection of poetry created as an outlet for artists' mental health.

Aseel Tayah

Eid Hakawati

Local artist Aseel will host a session of storytelling, art and craft and songs for five different EID events celebrated by the Muslim community.


WCCF 2020 (Round one)

Ms Carolyn Dunnell

We'll Meet Again Project

A musical trip down memory lane for our oldest residents living in retirement homes and aged care facilities.

Elizabeth Skitch

The Harvest

A series of interviews with local residents who will take the audience into their kitchens or gardens, or share a favourite recipe.

Mark Kromodimoeljo

The Hygieia Project

This project will research the important contribution to human knowledge of health represented by the mythology of Hygieia.

Teagan Crouch

Creative Art for Women and Children Experiencing Family Violence

Creative Aid is a workshop intended for women and children who have previously experienced family violence and have been in isolation due to COVID-19.

Niruththa Tharmakulendran

Dance O Therapy and Dance O Rama

The project will produce an online series of works and exercises for the youth and elderly to help with physical and mental wellbeing.

Ben Landau

Dark Talk Time

Dark Talk Time (DTT) is a project which hosts intimate live conversations between anonymous strangers, which creates surprising moments of deep human connection.

Gay Chatfield

Whimsical Weaving

The aim of the project is to orchestrate an inclusive community art installation in the form of a woven shelter, within the Whittlesea Community Garden.

John Doggett-Williams

Edge of Development

The artist will produce a short video documenting the housing development near the intersection of Wollert, Donnybrook and Epping Roads.

Mahla Karimian

One Hundred and One Nights in Isolation

101 local participants will learn the art of scratch drawing and then have their works published in a book.

Whittlesea Community House

Uke Muster 2020 goes online!

Whittlesea Community House will host a ukulele playing and learning festival to connect community music lovers, players and those who wish to learn ukulele in an online community.