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Activities and outings for seniors

Our seniors programs provide a wide range of opportunities to make friends, learn something new, and participate in physical activity.

Further information

For more information on programs and activities available for seniors, call 9407 5913 or email

Our seniors activities have moved online during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Contact our Positive Ageing Team for more information on how to join in or call 9407 5913.

Upcoming events:

Seniors Ready to Rock

2020 Victorian Seniors Festival - October

LEAP (Let everyone actively participate)

The regular LEAP program includes:

  • Day trips by bus to places of interest in Victoria. These trips are very popular and provide an opportunity to meet new people and see places that you might otherwise not get to.
  • The 'Twilight Club' is a weekly social evening that provides weekly activities and opportunities for friendship. A meal is provided at low cost.
  • Seniors golf is held weekly at the Growling Frog golf course and includes social and competition golf. Lessons are also available.
  • Multicultural cinema sessions are open to all members of the community and encourage people to maintain and share their cultural heritage. Films are screened in a community language with English subtitles
  • Exercise classes and walking groups are conducted by qualified instructors and held at a range of venues

Join the LEAP Program

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Any upcoming seniors events will be listed under 'Related Events'.