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Find a local tradesperson for seniors

Find a local tradesperson for seniors

If you are not eligible for our Home and Community Care (HACC) service, or you need home maintenance work done that is beyond the HACC service provision, you can contact the following businesses that provide our HACC services.

If you engage these businesses, you do so at your own risk and expense.

You can also find many other contractors in the telephone directory.

Local tradespeople

Find a local tradesperson for seniors Whittlesea Council

Electrical service

Electrical Services Melbourne
Tony Stella
M: 0418 359 528

Gardening service

Divine Garden Maintenance
Tom Merivale
M: 0408 553 774

Handyman service

Borgies Australia
Mario Borg
M: 0419 484 390

Plumbing service

Kilkenny Bros Plumbing
Michael Kilkenny
M: 0409 362 731

New Plumbing Solutions
Jarryd Brigham
M: 0401 976 382