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Dog off-leash parks

Dog off-leash parks

Dog owners must keep their dogs on a leash or chain when in public places, except in designated 'off-leash' areas.

The off-leash parks – which contain dog training, exercise and agility equipment - are designed to give dogs physical exercise and mental stimulation, to help prevent behavioural problems.

We encourage dog owners to make use of these parks, which also offer the chance to get some exercise, contribute to your own health and well-being, and meet other dog owners.

Dog owners must keep all dogs under effective control and clean up after them. Under effective control means:

  • the dog must return to its owner on command
  • the dog must not bother or worry other people or animals

Off-leash dog park locations

We provide 7 fully fenced off-leash dog parks at:

  • Doreen - Corner of Fitzwilliam Drive and Hamlin Street (Melway 391 E12)
    At the north-west corner of Fitzwilliam Drive and Hamlin Street.
  • Epping - Lyndarum Wetland, Manor House Drive (Melway 181 K6)
    Underneath the powerlines, in between Manor House Drive and Great Brome Avenue. The off-leash area is in the middle of the park.
  • Bundoora - Norris Bank Reserve, 135 McLeans Road
    Entry on the right, after Fifer Rise. The dog off-leash area is in the east of the reserve.
  • Mernda - Creek Park, Corner of Plenty Road and Mernda Village Drive (Melway 390 J7) 
    At the front of the park, with 1 access gate off Mernda Village Drive and 2 access gates off Perry Street.
  • Mill Park - Delacombe Reserve, Delacombe Drive (Melway 10 F1)
    Underneath the powerlines - access via Delacombe Drive, Allan Avenue, Ronald Avenue or Wilton Court, South Morang. The off-leash area is in the middle of the park.
  • Thomastown - Whittlesea Public Gardens, Barry Road (Melway 8 B4)
    Access via car park at the end of Barry Road. The off-leash area is at the southern end of the park.
  • Whittlesea - Laurel St (Melway 246 H9)
    Between AF Walker Reserve and Plenty River.

Off-leash dog area policy and management plan

Our off-leash area management plan provides direction for the establishment and operation of off-leash areas within the City of Whittlesea.

It aims to provide residents and their dogs with safe and sustainable off-leash opportunities, while also considering the needs of all of our residents.