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We also recognise that many sports clubs have the necessary skills, resources and funding 'in house' to successfully complete these works, so have developed a process for clubs to apply to have certain kinds of works completed.

Download the Club In-Kind Policy

What kind of works can sports clubs manage?

Here is a list of the kinds of projects that are/aren't permitted under our program.

This list is only a guide, and it's at Council's discretion if a project is suitable.

Permitted works Not permitted works
Projects with a value of less than $50,000 Projects with a value greater than $50,000
Installation of scoreboards Reconstruction of tennis courts
Installation of air conditioning Ground irrigation works
Works to boundary fencing Installation or upgrade of sports lighting
Replacement of cricket wickets Sports ground resurfacing works
Tennis courts resurfacing Significant alterations to pavilion
Installation of cabinets and/or joinery  
Painting a pavilion  
Installation of small sheds and shade shelters  


What is the process for applying?

  1. Complete Club In-kind Contribution Policy Expression of Interest Form
  2. We will review your application and let you know if your project is permitted. We may request a meeting to discuss this further with you.
  3. If the project is deemed suitable, you can then complete a Club-In Kind Contribution Policy Full Application Form, which provides us with more detail about the project. Small projects may only require the completion of an Expression of Interest form.
  4. We will then review the application and let you know the final decision in writing.


Do we need support from other users of the reserve?

Yes - it will only support the application if all reserve users are on board with the proposed works and provide letter/s of support.

Do we have to provide evidence of available funds?

Yes - you may be requested to show evidence of funds such as:

  • bank guarantee
  • bank statement
  • letter of guarantee

Do we need public liability insurance?

Yes - the club must have a public liability insurance policy.

Do the contractors need insurance?

If you are applying, it's your club's responsibility to ensure that all contractors have:

  • skills and experience required to execute the works
  • registered and insured as required

Do we need to complete all parts of the application checklist?

Yes - all sections of the application checklist must be completed

Do we have to provide quotes?

Yes - quotes need to be provided.

Do we need designs?

Yes - designs need to be completed if you are applying for a construction project.

How much detail do you need for the Expression of Interest (EOI) form?

As much information as you can provide.

The more information that you provide helps us determine if the project is applicable or not.

Complete an online Expression of Interest form