Nature and wildlife

 The Whittlesea region has a number of parks and gardens for you to explore, many with walking trails and scenic views over the countryside.

These wide open spaces provide plenty of room to:

  • play a game of cricket
  • take a bike ride
  • kick a football
  • take a leisurely bushwalk
  • have a picnic or barbecue

A range of native wildlife lives in Whittlesea’s parks and gardens including:

  • sulphur-crested cockatoos
  • purple swamp hens
  • corellas
  • crimson rosellas
  • wombats
  • kangaroos

Hawkstowe Park

Featuring views of the Plenty River and the backdrop of the Plenty Gorge, Hawkstowe Park is the perfect spot for a family picnic or barbecue.


Corner Gordons and Plenty Roads
South Morang (Melway 183 H8)

Quarry Hills Bushland Park

The hills, rocks, creeks and wetlands of the Quarry Hills Bushland Park preserve the imprint of geological events that took place around 400 million years ago. Today visitors can take to one of the 3 walking tracks and look out for:

  • birds of prey riding air currents
  • bush birds chasing insects
  • small marsupials hunting at dusk
  • shiny skinks basking in the sun
  • a mob of grazing kangaroos

Things to see and do

  • Ride your bike on the marked trails.
  • Admire the 360 degree views to the city, mountains and even Port Phillip Bay from the viewing platform.
  • Walk the dog on a leash.
  • Photograph or sketch the flowers throughout the year.
  • Watch a kangaroo from a distance.
  • Join a spring planting group and help look after the park.
  • Stroll the easy trails with the family and friends.
  • Have a picnic and explore the rocks on Granite Hill.
  • Take a longer route to the shop and, on the way, enjoy wetlands, flowers and birds.


Gravlier Way
South Morang (Melway 182 K6)

Yan Yean Reservoir Park

Yan Yean Reservoir Park has a rich history, and offers visitors the chance to enjoy:

  • a variety of leisurely bushland and wetland walking tracks around the reservoir
  • peaceful picnic and barbecue areas
  • breathtaking views of Melbourne’s oldest water storage site and dam


Corner Reservoir and Recreation Roads
Yan Yean (Melway 391 D1)

Yellow Gum Park and Blue Lake

Yellow Gum Park is situated in Plenty, and offers the opportunity to swim in Blue Lake. The lake formed in the early 1970s, when water started seeping into the old quarry site. Due to the mineral deposits in the water, the water turns turquoise blue at certain times of the year.

The park – which is open to the public – features 2 viewing platforms above Blue Lake, offering spectacular sunset views.

Yellow Gum Park was extensively quarried in the 1950s for materials to construct Melbourne’s first skyscrapers.


Goldsworthy Lane (off Yan Yean Road)
Plenty (Melway 10 H5)

Toorourrong Reservoir Park

Toorourrong Reservoir Park is a vital link in the water supply of Melbourne's north western suburbs.

Things to do

  • Enjoy the grassed picnic areas and barbeques
  • Walking tracks leading to lookouts of the Reservoir


Jack's Creek Road

Further information

For more information about these local parks, visit the Parks Victoria website.

Last Updated: 28 October 2015


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