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Renew your Food Act registration

All registered food businesses must renew their Food Act registration each year.

The renewal of registration notices will be emailed to businesses using our new Health Manager online registration system.

Business owners must inform us if details have changed in the last 12 months. Once your renewal payment has been processed, the business will be issued with a certificate for the next year's registration.

From 31 December, any food business that fails to pay for their renewal is considered unregistered.

The base renewal fee includes up to 5 full time staff (including owners and proprietors). Businesses that employ more than 5 employees must pay a staff fee, which is calculated on the number of part time and fulltime staff employed. For the purpose of the calculation 2 part time staff equates to 1 full time staff member. The staffing fee exists because larger businesses take longer to inspect than smaller ones.

  • Class 1 - Independent Food Safety Program third-party audited - $804 plus $24 staffing fee (for each staff member over 5)
  • Class 2 – Food Safety Program – FSP/FSS - $548 plus $24 staffing fee (for each staff member over 5)
  • Class 3 – low-risk unpackaged foods, warehouses, distributors, greengrocer, sport club canteens - $340 plus $24 staffing fee (for each staff member over 5)


Further information

For more information about Food Act registration, see the Department of Health website.