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City of Whittlesea Business Awards 2023

The Business Network Gala Awards promotes local business entrepreneurs, innovators and hardworking operators and highlights achievements of leading City of Whittlesea businesses across key industry sectors and provide a unique opportunity for businesses of all types and sizes to be recognised for their efforts, commitment and successes. The Awards are open exclusively for members of the Business Network.

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Highlights from the Business Awards Night

Thursday the 18 May 2023 saw the inaugural City of Whittlesea Business Awards take place at Mantra Epping. The evening was attended by 180 guests with 30 businesses shortlisted across six categories and it provided a great opportunity to recognise the importance of our local business community and reward those businesses who show excellence in their field. 

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Watch the 2023 Business Awards video reel

2023 Award winners and finalists

2023 Business of the Year - Repurpose It

Left to right - George Hatzimanolis MD, Erin Ford, Aristos Karavias GM, Tanya Hall and John McCluskey

From left to right - George Hatzimanolis MD, Erin Ford, Aristos Karavias GM, Tanya Hall and John McCluskey from Repurpose It.


Start Up - Winner Brewer Sisters

Start Up Finalists 

  • Dahlia & Thyme Studio Florals
  • Lady Sevin Cafe
  • Zest Property Partners
  • Beauty By Dua

And the winner is....



Customer Service - Winner Ristic Real Estate

Customer Services Finalists

  • Quest Epping
  • King of Paws
  • Farm Vigano
  • Stafford Engineering

And the winner is...


Innovation & Enterprise - Winner Whittlesea Community Connections

Innovation & Enterprise Finalists

  • Mantra Epping
  • Social Living
  • Enterprise Tooling
  • IntelliTrac

And the winner is...


Sustainability & Environment - Winner Repurpose It

Sustainability & Environment Finalists

  • Hanson Landfill Services
  • That's Amore Cheese
  • Social Living
  • Eco Green Group

And the winner is...


Community Contribution - Winner LINK Community and Transport

Community Contribution Finalists

  • Whittlesea Physiotherapy and Clinical Pilates
  • A Grade Resumes
  • Amy Bajada
  • Brotherhood St Laurence

And the winner is...


Workplace Diversity - Winner Costa Mushrooms Exchange

Workplace Diversity Finalists 

  • Abruzzo Lab
  • Floridia Cheese
  • Edlyn Foods
  • Whittlesea Community Connections

And the winner is...


2023 Award categories

Launching a new business is always daunting and this award is for business who have been operating since July 2021. Tell us how you started and how the business has grown into a sustainable business.

To demonstrate how your Start Up business has moved from an idea into, the business it is today the Judging Panel will assess your entry based on:

  • The performance of your business since its launch, examples could include the number of customers.
  • The growth of your business from the business plan stage to implementation to current day.

Love your customers? Tell us how your business has delivered customer service excellence in 2022. Customers are vital for any successful business, and we know you all have different ways of ensuring your customers keep coming back.

To demonstrate how you excel in customer service, the Judging Panel will assess your entry based on:

  • How you engage with your customers.
  • Systems and procedures to receive and record customer feedback and satisfaction, this could be through an external feedback provider or in-house.
  • Your customer service policy or charter.
  • Your customer ratings through feedback, i.e. Trip Advisor, Trustpilot, Net Promoter Score and In house data collection tools.
  • Customer testimonials.

Businesses have to keep evolving, has your business launched a new product or service, entered a new market or introduced new ways of working in 2022 that has made positive impacts to the overall performance of your business.

To demonstrate how your business has been leaders in Innovation and Enterprise, the Judging Panel will assess your entry based on:

  • Examples of new products you have launched.
  • Examples of new services you have introduced.
  • How do these new products or services improve your business performance.
  • How do these new products or services enhance the customer experience.
  • How the business arrived at the design and implementation of the products or services.

How has your business made improvements to the way it operates in 2022 to ensure it can achieve a sustainable future?

To demonstrate how your business includes the impacts on the environment within the operation and how you focus on being sustainable, the Judging Panel will assess your entry based on:

  • Your strategies and activities clearly showing how your business has developed and embraced becoming sustainable.
  • How your business includes the circular economy within its operation.
  • Examples of day-to-day methods that reduce the impact on the environment. 
  • Future plans that include the inclusion of further sustainable policies. 
  • Examples of how your business has implemented operational changes to include environmentally friendly practices.
  • How any initiatives have created new roles within your business, connected directly or indirectly to sustainability and the circular economy.

Local communities are stronger with successful businesses, and we want to award a business that has made a positive impact in the local community in 2022. How does your business contribute to the local community initiatives?

To demonstrate how your business impacts the local community, the Judging Panel will assess your entry based on:

  • The work your business has undertaken within the community and how that has benefited the City of Whittlesea. 
  • Percentages of local City of Whittlesea residents within your workforce.
  • Highlight how your business supports or works in partnership with other local businesses.

The City of Whittlesea is a diverse area with people from many backgrounds calling the municipality home, how does your business represent such a diverse area?

To demonstrate how your business impacts the local community, the Judging Panel will assess your entry based on:

  • A breakdown of your workforce, gender, disability, nationality, education status sexual orientation and background.
  • Initiatives that make your workplace attractive to people from the CALD community, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.
  • Your workforce training programs, provide examples of activities you have carried out with training and placement providers to engage with different jobseeker cohorts.
  • How you work with any local education providers to support your workforce through training and development.
  • Your workplace diversity policy and how this is implemented in your day-to-day operation.


Should you require any further information regarding the Business Network or Business Awards please contact the Economic Development Department, or 9217 2278.

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