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Order extra bins

Residents and businesses can order additional rubbish and/or recycling bins. Costs for additional bins apply.

Extra bin fee

Both residents and businesses must pay an annual fee (1 July to 30 June) to have an extra rubbish or recycling bin. If you request this service, we will invoice you annually and separately to your rates notice.

As this is an annual service, we do not provide credits or refunds if you cancel the extra bin service part-way through the year.

For the current fee, select the relevant application form below.

Fee exemption

Residents in either of the following situations will not need to pay the fee:

  • households with 5 or more children under the age of 18 - a copy of your Medicare/healthcare card showing children's names is required
  • residents with special or medical needs - a medical certificate or letter from a doctor is required

Extra bin request fees (residential)

Bin type

Additional annual cost

120 Litre Rubbish Bin 

$262.62 per annum

240 Litre Recycling Bin

$103.99 per annum

Extra bin request fees (business/commercial)

Bin type

Additional annual cost

240 Litre Commercial Rubbish Bin

$639.44 per annum

240 Litre Commercial Recycling Bin

$103.99 per annum

Please note that fees are not GST applicable and invoices will be mailed to you annually from 1 July 2021. 


Apply for extra bins

  1. To apply online please use the relevant form.
  2. If you want to apply for a fee exemption, please email proof of your household's eligibility to

*Please note that your new rubbish bin will have a red lid, which may be different to that of your current rubbish bin (dark green lid). There is no difference to the collection schedule or what goes into the bin. This progressive change will align the City of Whittlesea bin lid colours with the Australian Standard.

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