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Make your home more sustainable

Make your home more sustainable

Making your home more sustainable can save you money, make your home more comfortable to live in and reduce your environmental impact to benefit future generations.

We all have the power to affect change, and while your efforts may seem small in isolation, the collective effect of everyone’s environmental action can have a significant and lasting impact.

Home Energy Assessment Tools (HEAT) Pack

You can now find out how energy-efficient your home is for free, by borrowing a Home Energy Assessment Tools (HEAT) Pack.

The HEAT Pack contains equipment and instructions to help you find ways to save energy and water throughout your home. Learn more about the HEAT Pack by watching this video.

You can borrow the HEAT Pack from Mill Park, Lalor or Thomastown Library.

Practically Green At Home

The guide, produced in partnership with Nillumbik Shire Council, includes topics such as:

  • building design and site considerations 
  • indoor environment quality
  • construction materials and waste
  • fixtures and fittings
  • furniture and finishes
  • heating and cooling, hot water systems and household appliances
  • renewable energy
  • landscaping and gardening design

Reduce carbon emissions from your travel

You can help reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions by following these tips:

  • Hop, skip, run, ride, or walk to your local shops it’s better for the environment and regular physical activity improves your health and fitness. See our Walking Maps and Bicycle paths.
  • Instead of getting stressed in traffic and wasting fuel, choose public transport.
  • Car pooling, saves money, its social and less stressful.
  • Choose the most fuel-efficient car for your needs.
  • If you have to drive offset the emissions via Greenfleet’s tree planting project.

For information about the fuel consumption, air pollution rating and greenhouse rating of all passenger vehicles available in Australia, visit the Green Vehicle Guide website.

Buy renewable energy

Approximately 90 per cent of Australia’s electricity is currently supplied by burning fossil fuels. The majority of Victoria’s electricity is sourced from emissions intensive brown coal. GreenPower is produced from cleaner renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, biomass and hydro power.

By purchasing GreenPower from your electricity provider, you are using electricity sourced from cleaner and renewable sources, and investing in the renewable electricity sector to help fund new projects.

Buy GreenPower

You can buy 100 per cent GreenPower for approximately $10.50 a week, or choose a percentage and product that suits your household budget.

Ensure you purchase accredited GreenPower that carries the ‘tick’ label below, which indicates it has been independently audited by the Government’s GreenPower program.

100% GreenPower Logo - accredited renewable energy

For more information, visit the GreenPower website.