Mayor and Councillors

The City of Whittlesea is divided into 3 wards - North, South East and South West.

Whittlesea Council has 11 councillors, who have been elected as representatives of the 3 wards.

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About the Mayor and Councillors

Councillors are local residents and know their communities well.

Anyone can be a Councillor as long as they are over 18 and eligible to vote in State and Federal Government elections.

Councillors are not paid a salary but receive an annual allowance to help cover expenses in fulfilling their role on Council.

Councillors generally carry out their Council duties on top of their full-time job in the workforce and/or home commitments. They take on this responsibility because they want to play a part in local government and feel strongly about issues in their community.

The main duties of elected Councillors are:

  • to make decisions about the running of the community and the Council
  • to listen to the problems and ideas of local people and take those ideas to the rest of Council

The Mayor, who is the leader of the Council, is in charge of the Council meetings and represents Council at formal functions.

Find out about becoming a councillor.

Current Mayor and Councillors

South West WardContact details
Cr. Stevan Kozmevski

Cr Stevan Kozmevski (Mayor)

M: 0417 390 854

Cr. Kris Pavlidis

Cr Kris Pavlidis

M: 0407 689 032

Cr Darryl Sinclair

Cr Darryl Sinclair

M: 0427 622 827

Cr. Adrian Spinelli

Cr Adrian Spinelli

M: 0428 314 581
F: 9409 9889

South East WardContact details
Cr. Norm Kelly

Cr Norm Kelly (Deputy Mayor)

M: 0417 158 996
F: 9467 3515

Cr. Sam Alessi

Cr Sam Alessi

M: 0417 392 578
F: 9436 0027

Cr Ken Harris

Cr Ken Harris

M: 0427 852 845

Cr. Mary Lalios

Cr Mary Lalios

M: 0400 132 117
F: 9404 2264

North WardContact details
Cr Ricky Kirkham

Cr Ricky Kirkham

M: 0419 659 872
F: 9409 9878

Mayor Rex Griffin

Cr Rex Griffin

M: 0400 834 150
F: 8405 3218

Cr Christine Stow Cr Christine Stow

M: 0427 233 695

Find your ward

Find out what ward you live in by typing in your street address.

Alternatively, you can download the ward map from the Victorian Electoral Commission website.

Mayor election

The 11 Councillors vote annually to elect 1 Councillor as the Mayor for a 1-year term at a Special Council Meeting.

You can find out more about how Whittlesea Council is governed and how the Mayor is elected in our Procedural Matters Local Law.

This local law regulates:

  • how the Council Common Seal can be used
  • procedures for Ordinary Council Meetings, Special Meetings, Advisory Committee Meetings, and Special Committees Meetings
  • the process for electing the Mayor and Chairpersons.

You can download a copy of the Procedural Matters Local Law, or view it at our offices.

Code of Conduct

Council adopted the Councillors Code of Conduct on 14 June 2016.


Last Updated: 19 September 2016


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