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Community Services and Infrastructure

Regional Sports and Aquatic Facility in Mernda

The rapidly growing communities in our north urgently need a regional sports and aquatic facility. The proposed facility will include compliant indoor and outdoor sports courts which will increase female participation in sports as seen in other communities, as well as a 50m multipurpose pool and gymnasium to improve both physical and mental health outcomes for our community

This state-of-the-art regional sports and aquatic facility is Council’s single largest social infrastructure investment, which we are seeking to partner with both Federal and State Governments to deliver.

For more information, please see pages 10-11 of the Advocacy Priorities 2023-25.

Aboriginal Gathering Place

Our ask

A modern aquatic and sports centre in Mernda with indoor/outdoor courts, a multipurpose pool and a gymnasium.

Community benefits

  • Deliver $784.3M in economic value to Victoria over 30 years
  • Deliver $150.7M in social value, including 135.6M in improved health outcomes, over 30 years
  • Create over 800 jobs

For more information, please see pages 12-13 of the Advocacy Priorities 2023-25.

Mobile & Broadband Coverage

Our ask

We have identified eight existing blackspots with limited connectivity and six future growth areas to advocate for improved mobile and broadband coverage in the municipality. This will improve your access to employment, business, education and community safety information.

Community benefits

  • Ensure all residents and businesses are connected during emergency events 
  • Improve access to, and participation in, employment and education 
  • Eliminate disruption to local businesses 
  • Prepare for future demand 
  • Improve social connection

For more information, please see pages 14 -15 of the Advocacy Priorities 2023-25.