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Environmental Sustainability

The City of Whittlesea and its residents are committed to environmental sustainability, through improving and protecting biodiversity and community connection to nature.

Securing the Grassy Eucalypt Woodlands

Our ask

Fulfil the 2009 commitment to establish a 1200-hectare Grassy Eucalypt Woodlands Reserve within the City of Whittlesea.

Community benefits

  • Protection of critically endangered woodlands and nationally threatened species
  • Improve biodiversity, safeguard environmental amenity and reduce climate change threat on flora and fauna
  • Increase community connection to nature
  • Safeguard and increase environmental amenity for the region.

For more information, please see pages 56 - 57 of the Advocacy Priorities 2023-25.

Integrated Water Management

Our ask

A feasibility study into integrated water management to provide rural areas access to alternative water supply within the cities of Whittlesea, Hume and Nillumbik.

Community benefit

  • Build rural climate resilience
  • Protect agricultural land in Melbourne’s peri-urban food bowl. 

For more information, please see pages 58 - 59 of the Advocacy Priorities 2023-25.

Electric Vehicle (EV) transition plan

Our ask

Co-investment to support the delivery of charging stations across Council sites, and vehicle purchase subsidies to support Council light and heavy fleet EV transition.

Community benefits

  • Expedite Council fleet EV transition
  • Support the emerging second-hand EV market
  • Reduce carbon footprint and emissions for environmental sustainability.

For more information, please see pages 60 - 61 of the Advocacy Priorities 2023-25.