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Election Signage

The display and placement of political advertising and activities on roads, footways and private property is strictly controlled in the City of Whittlesea. The requirements are outlined in the Election Signage Information Sheet.

Compliance with these requirements will minimise any complaints from our local community and reduce the possibility of enforcement action being taken.

Election Activities in the community

A permit from Council is required prior to:

  • Placing any tables and chairs or any display
  • Handing out of any information, flyers or similar in any public place.

The granting of a permit is dependent on-site availability, capacity to ensure clear unobstructed pedestrian access and $10m public liability insurance cover in place.

If a permit is granted, access will be restricted to the area designated on the permit.

Election Advertising Signage Permits

A City of Whittlesea Planning Permit is not required if a sign placed on any land has an advertisement area not exceeding five (5) square meters publicising a local educational, cultural, political, religious, social or recreational even not held for commercial purposes provided:

  • only one sign is displayed on the land
  • the sign is not animated or internally illuminated, and
  • the sign is not displayed longer than 14 days after the election is held.

A sign publicising a local political event may include information about a candidate for an election.

Election Advertising Signage on Council Land/Roads

No advertising signs including billboards or similar or signs placed on parked trailers are permitted on Council managed land, municipal places or roads within the municipality.

Impounding Election Signage

Any advertising sign that is erected or placed in or on any place contrary to the requirements above may be removed by Council Community Laws officer and impounded.

Bill Posting (Posters)

Bill posting (posters affixed without consent) will be considered littering and will be dealt with under the provisions of the Environment Protection Act 2017.


Both the City of Whittlesea Planning Scheme and Whittlesea Local Laws provide for penalties for any breaches detected by authorised officers.