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What we do

We provide community services and facilities, and are also responsible for making and enforcing local laws.

Our organisation is responsible for some key areas such as:

  • providing many services and supporting community services
  • protecting the cleanliness and safety of the community
  • preventing pollution, noise and disease
  • planning for the future of community and what services will be needed
  • representing our area to other governments, to tourists and overseas visitors

How we pay for community services

There are 4 main ways we raise money:


Every property owner in the City of Whittlesea pays rates each year. The amount of rates depends on the value of the property – the more valuable the property, the higher the rates. For more information, see Rates.


People in the City of Whittlesea pay fees for some Council services such as entry fee to a swimming pool, cat and dog registration and building permits.

There are also ‘fines’ which we collect from people who have ignored the local laws or rules.


Each year the State and Federal Government collect taxes from Australian citizens and businesses and give some of it to local government. Sometimes these grants are for something specific.


We can borrow money for larger projects and repay the loan over a number of years. However interest must be paid as well as the original amount borrowed, so this is an expensive way to raise money.

How we prioritise services

In June each year, we allocate money we've raised to be spent in various areas through our budget.

We continue to work in partnership with our community, with the budget aligned to the Council Plan.

Our staff also provide reports to Council to help Councillors make decisions. For example, our engineers provide information on which roads require maintenance work, the cost of this work in the current financial year and how much more it could cost if this work is delayed.

There are also some things that must always be included in the budget that make Whittlesea a safe and pleasant place to live and work, such as rubbish removal, maintenance of roads, paths, street lighting, bike tracks and parks.

We also use the results of our Annual Household Survey to plan services and facilities in relevant areas - see Research reports.

Council staff

We have many staff who help provide our services. Unlike Councillors, our staff are not elected, they apply for their positions and are paid for their work.

A number of managers make sure all our areas are running efficiently and effectively.

Our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for:

  • employing all the other council staff
  • ensuring that all the money we receive and spend is accounted for
  • that our records are properly kept
  • that the Councillors receive accurate and expert advice from our staff

We require a wide variety of people to do hundreds of different jobs.

Find out more about working at Council.