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Nature Play

Across the City of Whittlesea there are many reserves where people can enjoy nature play experiences.

If you’ve ever climbed a tree, rolled down hills, scrambled up rocks, made mud pies, dammed up water, hidden in grass, dug in sand, played in dirt, jumped in leaves or had fun outside in other similar ways, you’ve experienced natural play.

Across the City of Whittlesea there are many reserves where people can enjoy nature play experiences. 

See our Nature Play Guidelines and find out where to go below.

Nature Play Guidelines - can I or can't I?

Know before you go

  • Find out about the park you are going to visit and what you can do there.
  • Check the weather before you go
  • Make sure you have the right equipment, first aid kit, clothes and footwear with you.

Keep our parks wild

  • Respect animals’ homes by leaving plants, logs and even rocks where you find them
  • Animals are healthiest eating their natural foods, so please don’t share your food with them
  • Never walk up to wildlife. It might become frightened and try to protect itself.

Leave no trace

  • Leave everything as you find it. The best souvenirs of your adventure are your memories
  • Respect any evidence of the past that you might find. Parks protect our history
  • Keep yourself safe and protect the park by staying on walking tracks and not damaging vegetation
  • Take all food scraps and rubbish home to put in the bin or recycle
  • Only light fires in the fireplaces provided and always put the fire out completely.

Where to go?

Across Whittlesea there are many specific reserves that offer groups and individuals opportunities for nature play experiences. To find out more about what's available in the different reserves, select the one you're interested in below.




Mill Park/South Morang


If you would like to find out more about nature play or one of the locations listed above, contact Council Officer Narelle Parslow on 9217 2170 or email