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Park Access Request

If you need to access your land via a public park or open space, you will need a permit.

This includes moving materials or machinery through a park to get to your property.

The permit process helps us to protect our assets, ensure that the site is managed safely and disruptions to public users are minimised.

You are required to let your neighbours know if roads are to be closed.

Please note an application fee ($270) will be charged and a bond may be required before a permit is issued.

Request access to an open space online

As part of your request, you need to provide the following information:

  • Name of the owner or company requesting access approval and responsibility of paying the bond, their contact details - phone number and email address
  • If paying by bank transfer give details of bank account details for return of bond.
  • The address of the house/unit
  • Site plans
  • The park that they require access through, details of the assets of the spaces you are accessing
  • Start and end date of works required
  • Vehicles involved – e.g. ute, truck etc.
  • Public liability insurance, Traffic Management Plan and Construction Management Plan (depending on works)
  • Building or planning permit details if applicable

Upon your request with a payment, we will conduct a site assessment and confirm the bond and permit.

Application fee is non-refundable. Please also note, further information may be required depending on the request.

Contact us

For more information contact Customer Service on 9217 2170.