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Skate parks and BMX tracks

Information about skate parks and spots in the City of Whittlesea.

Local skaters, scooters and BMX riders can look forward to a new district skate park in Mernda in the next 4-6 years. This project been proposed in our Cycle and Skate Sports Strategy 2015-2025, which was adopted by Council on 6 October 2015.

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Bundoora Mini Ramp


  • steel mini ramp 4 feet high
  • 16 feet wide


Norris Bank Reserve
McLeans Road, Bundoora (Melway 9 H11)

Epping Skate Escape

Epping Skate Escape is the City of Whittlesea’s regional skate park.

It caters for skateboarders, scooters, in-line skaters and BMX riders from beginners to intermediate ability.

It also features a deep bowl that requires a high level of experience.


  • public toilet is available at the nearby children's playground
  • parking on site
  • walking distance to bus stops on McDonalds Road and South Morang Railway Station


Meadowglen Reserve
McDonalds Road, Epping (Melway 184 J11)


  • ramps
  • multiple bowls including one bowl ideal for beginners and a deep bowl
  • rails
  • fun boxes
  • ledges
  • shade shelters and limited seating
  • parking
  • drinking taps

Epping Vertical Ramp


  • steel vertical ramp


Darebin Creek Parklands
Peppercorn Park
Greenbrook Drive, Epping (Melway 182 D11)

Laurimar Skate Park

This skate park provide a transitional street-styled park with a range of beginner to intermediate elements.


  • Beginner to intermediate elements featuring banks, kicker, hubba, flatbank and quarter pipe
  • Social space, featuring three-tier terraced seating and shelter
  • Ramp and stairs to the existing bowl
  • Concrete capsule bowl 4-6 feet deep with elbow, extension, escalator and mondo corner
  • Small ledges
  • Manual pad


Laurimar Recreation Reserve
Painted Hills Drive, Doreen

Sycamore BMX Track

Sycamore BMX Track is accessible to the public for BMX training and practice. This track is scheduled for redevelopment in 2018, after which the track will be available for competition use.


Sycamore Recreation Reserve
Mill Park (Melway 9 E4)

Whittlesea Skate Park and BMX Dirt Track

These facilities are located adjacent to the Whittlesea Swimming Pool, within walking distance to shops, public toilets and bus stops.


  • concrete half pipe with roll-in, fun boxes and vertical wall - suitable for skateboard, BMX and scooter riders
  • BMX dirt track next to the concrete skate park supports riders of varying ages and abilities from young beginners upwards
  • seating and water tap on site
  • parking available near the swimming pool at the end of Walnut Street


J.W.Towt Reserve
Walnut Street, Whittlesea (Melway 246 H8)