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Lalor Conversation Ceramic Murals

We partnered with the Victorian Government's Community Crime Prevention Unit and the Lalor Traders Association, in an effort to prevent future graffiti and improve the appearance and amenity of Peter Lalor Walk.

In 2014, artist Bern Emmerichs was commissioned to design and produce 4 ceramic tile murals that celebrate the rich cultural history and development of the suburb of Lalor.

Located in Peter Lalor Walk, between Station Street and May Road in Lalor, the murals are intensely detailed and imaginative artworks celebrating the rich cultural history and development of the suburb of Lalor.

As part of this project, local organisations and residents were asked to provide themes, ideas and stories to be included in the murals.

We'd like to thank the residents and community groups who participated including:

  • Ian Hunter - Wurundjeri Elder
  • Wurundjeri Tribe Land Cultural Heritage Council Inc.
  • Whittlesea Reconciliation Group (WRG)
  • Lalor Traders Association
  • Peter Lalor Housing Estate Alliance (PLHEA)
  • Friends of Westgarthtown
  • Yarra Plenty Regional Library
  • Whittlesea Multicultural Communities Council
  • Residents of Lalor

Panel one

This panel pays respect to the Wurundjeri Willum Clan, the Traditional Owners and first peoples of this land.

It portrays William Barak and his sister Annie Borate, their culture and people, and their important role in the history of this place.

Panel two

Panel two celebrates Peter Lalor, after whom the walkway and suburb are named.

It honours his achievements at the Eureka Stockade and his contribution to democracy in Australia.

Panel three

This panel represents the German immigrant families of the 1850s who settled the land and established the original farms in Westgarthtown (the area we now know as Lalor and Thomastown). 

Panel four

This panel represents 2 themes:

  1. those who settled in the area through the assistance of the Peter Lalor Homebuilding Co-operative Society
  2. the culture and diversity of the contemporary Lalor Community

Public Art Trail

The uniqueness, beauty and detailed cultural content of each mural makes for a lovely visual cultural trail through Lalor.

The artist, Bern Emmerichs, has selected details from the murals which have been reworked and printed onto metal, and then installed onto signage poles in Lalor.

You can stroll through 60 new artworks dotted through Lalor streets, parks and open spaces as well as the shopping precinct.

This public art installation provides an opportunity to locals and visitors to add to their knowledge of the cultural layers of history that exist in Lalor.

You can download a map to walk through all of the locations and see the entire collection of works.

One session will take approximately 1 hour.

Download a map of the artists trail