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Cultural Diversity and Harmony Week activities

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Saturday, 26 March 2022


Tea Ceremonies and Tea of the World

Relax on a luxurious Moroccan cushion and participate in a traditional tea ceremony. Sample teas from around the world and discover the traditions that go with them.

11am Japanese Tea Ceremony

12pm Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony

1pm Persian Tea

2pm Turkish Tea

3pm Argentinian Yerba Mate

4pm Indian Chai

Salon Tent, 11am – 5pm


Belly dancing workshop

Kickstart your festival with a workshop in the traditional dance of Egypt and Turkey.

Workshop Marquee, 11am – 11.30am


African Hair Braiding

Get your hair done as stylish as you may by incorporating some African Hair Braids.

Salon Tent, 11am – 5pm


Try on a Turban

Ever wanted to try on a turban? You know you have, so come and be wrapped in fabric to see how you look!

Salon Tent, 11am – 5pm


Bollywood Dance Workshop

Join an exhilarating workshop bringing you into the exciting world of Bollywood.

Workshop Marquee, 1.30pm – 2pm


Turkish Coffee and Fortunes

Enjoy a delicious Turkish coffee and have one of our wonderful Turkish women read your future in the grinds.

Salon Tent, 11am – 5pm


Tarantella Workshop

Participate in this lively traditional Southern Italian dance workshop, which dates back to the 17th century.

Workshop Marquee, 3.30pm – 4pm


Henna Art

Have your hand painted with the beautiful art of Indian Henna.

Salon Tent, 11am – 5pm.

Cultural Diversity and Harmony Week activities

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