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Bike training workshop

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Training to help you build confidence in riding your bike.
Saturday, 20 April 2024
Mill Park Leisure outdoor area 33 Morang Dr, Mill Park VIC 3082, Australia
City of Whittlesea
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If you are a cyclist but a bit unsure of doing tight turns or having to break suddenly in a safe manner, gearing is a bit of a mystery, and climbing hills or short steep bits in the path is a challenge then this bike training course is for you.

Build confidence in riding your bike is a 2.5-hour guided bike ride tour on the shared path in a group, negotiating with other path users and crossing intersections smoothly.

The guided ride will improve your confidence and skills in riding a bike safely on shared paths and will be guided by an accredited cycling Instructor, Mara Ferraro.

The session includes:

  • ABCD safety check
  • how to inflate tyres, both Presta and Schrader valves
  • practice of emergency stopping
  • learning how to corner safely and execute good turns.
  • warm-up and bike fit: assess current rider ability and bike setup and adjust as required.
  • practice of various bike handling skills to develop confidence riding on paths and
  • bike trails
  • learning some fundamental bike hand signals/ calls, passing, and group riding etiquette
  • introduction to managing gear changes more effectively.
  • communication techniques: signaling, scanning, using eye contact.

This event is supported by the City of Whittlesea in partnership with the Whittlesea Bicycle Users Group and is only for the City of Whittlesea residents.

Registration is necessary as limited spots are available. 

Bike training workshop

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