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Detox Your Home Epping

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Toxic household chemicals, such as cleaning products, pool chemicals and pesticides can be safely disposed of for free at Sustainability Victoria's Detox Your Home events, in partnership with local councils. Collected items are recovered for reuse or safely disposed of.
Saturday, 3 February 2024
Address will be provided upon registration.
Resource Recovery Officer


  • This free service is for household chemicals only.
  • The maximum acceptable weight or size for any single container is 20 kilograms or 20 litres.
  • Decanting isn’t permitted, so bring chemicals in disposable, clearly labelled containers. If you don’t know what’s inside, label the item as ‘unknown’.

Detox your Home does not accept paint. Paint can be disposed of at any Paintback drop off location: or A-Z guide-to-waste-and-recycling

See the full list of accepted items on our website.

On the day, follow these safety procedures:

  1. Label your items, use the original packaging if possible.
  2. Put your items safely in your empty car boot or ute tray.
  3. Bring your order number (from your registration).
  4. Only one person per car. You won’t need to unload anything yourself.
  5. Drive in and follow the signage and directions.
  6. Stay in your car and our chemists will do the rest.

To register, contact our Resource Recovery Officer on 92172170

Detox Your Home Epping

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