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Embedding Road Safety Education into Curriculum

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Join Louise Dorrat from the TAC community road safety education program, along with a team of expert ECEC leaders for an engaging and interactive session specifically for ECEC professionals.
Tuesday, 6 June 2023
This is an online event.
Education and Engagement Facilitator
9404 8865
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Early childhood road safety education is about educators working with children and their families to develop skills, behaviours and attitudes that assist children to be safe and active participants in communities and speaks to the safety of children on our roads as passengers, pedestrians and users of bicycles and other wheeled toys.

Road safety education requires intentional (thoughtful, purposeful, and deliberate) planning that articulates the way educators support children to acquire these skills. Through intentional teaching decisions, educators can ensure that their program includes the resources and practices to support children’s learning and development.

To be effective, road safety education must be evidence based, and match the child’s stage of development and level of independence as a road user.
This session is recommended for early years educators.

Embedding Road Safety Education into Curriculum

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