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Community infrastructure levy

Community infrastructure levy

Some owners of property in the local growth areas of Epping North, Doreen, Mernda, South Morang, and Wollert must pay a ‘community infrastructure levy’ to fund local infrastructure for the whole community.

The levy is a one-off payment that must be paid before a building permit can be issued, as specified in the Victorian Planning and Environment Act 1987 and the Building Act 1993.

Fees and exemptions

For some housing estates within growth areas, you do not need to pay the community infrastructure levy as the developer has paid this on your behalf or the property is in an exempted area.

The levy fee payable also varies for different areas.

To find out whether your estate requires payment and how much, check if your housing estate is listed below or type the street address into our interactive map.


Suburb  Housing estate  Fee 
Donnybrook Kinbrook $691.61
  Peppercorn Hill TBC
  Olivine TBC
Doreen Bella Vista  $196.30
  Bridge Inn Rise  $196.30
  Coopers Place $196.30
  College Crest  $196.30
  Cornell’s Hill $196.30
  Cookes Place $196.30
  Eminence $196.30
  Garden Road $196.30
  Glencrest $196.30
  Hazel Croft $196.30
  Katandra Rise N/A
  Laurimar - Harrisons Views N/A
  Laurimar - The Briars N/A
  Laurimar - The Eyrie N/A
  Laurimar - The Mapels N/A
  Laurimar - Yangoora Wells N/A
  Mitchells Run (Stages 1-10) N/A
  Mitchells Run (Stages 11-14) $196.30
  Neumanns $196.30
  Orchard Road $196.30
  Plenty River $196.30
  Panorama $196.30
  Province Estate $196.30
  Riverstone @ Plenty $196.30
  The Ivy N/A
  The Promenade $196.30
  The Ridge $196.30
  Vantage Point N/A
  Valencia $196.30
  Valley Views $196.30
  Vaucluse $196.30
  795 Yan Yean Rd $196.30
  805 Yan Yean Rd $196.30
Epping Aurora N/A
  Bluestone Views N/A
  Brush Road N/A
  Epping Gardens $450
  Epping Heights N/A
  Harvest Views N/A
  Hayston Valley


  Horizons Stages N/A
  Legends Hill N/A
  Lyndarum (Stages 1-29) N/A
  Waratah Gardens N/A
  35 Harvest Home Road $450
  45E Harvest Home Road $450
  47 Mahon Rd $450
  105 Harvest Home $450
Mernda Berry Lane $196.30
  Cambridge $196.30
  Everton Gardens $196.30
  Harrison Reserve    $196.30


Fairview (Stages 1 to 8) $196.30
  Fairview (Stage 9) Contact Council
  Fashoda $196.30
  Mayfield $196.30
  Mernda on the Park N/A
  Mernda Rise N/A
  Mernda Villages (Stages 1-5) N/A
  Mernda Villages (Stages 6-99)  View levy information
  Parkhill  N/A
  Regency Views N/A
  Renaissance Rise $196.30
  Riverdale on Plenty $196.30
  Sackville Place $196.30
  Settlers Hill $196.30
  The Groves $196.30
  Watercolour Views $196.30
  Wellington Rise $196.30
  Woodland Waters $196.30
  110 Regent Street $196.30
  350 Bridge Inn Road $196.30
  530 Masons Road $196.30
  20 Cravens Road $196.30
  120 Cravens Road N/A
South Morang Hawkstowe $196.30
  Riverdale on Plenty $196.30
Wollert Aurora N/A
  Amber $1150
  Arramont $1150
  Caledonia N/A
  Eden Gardens $911.83
  Eucalypt Estate $911.83
  Haven $911.83
  Lyndarum (Stages 30-43) $911.83
  Lyndarum North $1150
  Mystique $1150
  Rathdown $1150
  Riverhills $1150
  Sherwins Way $911.83
  St Claire $911.83
  Summerhill $911.83
  Stonefields $1150
  Woodcrest $911.83

All fees are affected by indexation and are subject to change.

How to pay the levy

You can pay the community infrastructure levy in the following ways:

  • visit our Civic Centre offices in South Morang
  • download the Credit Card Authorisation Form and submit it to us by:
    • email:
    • mail: Locked Bag 1, Bundoora MDC 3083
    • fax: 9409 9890
    • mail a cheque (made out to City of Whittlesea Council) to:
      Strategic Planning and Design
      Locked Bag 1
      Bundoora MDC 3083

    Mernda Villages Community Infrastructure Levy

    The majority of Mernda Villages requires a payment of $196.30.

    See which stages where a Community Infrastructure Levy may not apply at Mernda Villages.