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Development, infrastructure and open space contributions to local suburbs

Development, infrastructure and open space contributions contribute towards the delivery of important transport, community and recreation infrastructure in our new communities.

Contributions could be financial, or in some circumstances Council reaches an agreement for the delivery of specific works and/or land instead of financial payment.

For more information on development contributions and infrastructure contributions visit the Department of Transport and Planning website.

How do I know if development/infrastructure contributions are payable?

The Whittlesea Planning Scheme contains a number of different provisions depending on your development area may require development/infrastructure contributions:

Development Contributions Plan Overlay (DCPO) in the Whittlesea Planning Scheme identifies 2 kinds of levies that may requirement payment:

  1. Development Infrastructure Levy - a rate typically paid by the developer at the subdivision stage by way of works/ land in-kind or a monetary payment.
  2. Community Infrastructure Levy - a per dwelling rate, payable prior to the issue of a Building Permit for a new dwelling.

Infrastructure Contributions Overlay (ICO) - this currently only applies to the Donnybrook-Woodstock and Shenstone Park Precinct Structure Plan area. There are two separate components to infrastructure contributions:

  1. Monetary contribution - comprising a Standard Levy and potentially also a Supplementary Levy
  2. Land contribution- comprising a contribution of public purpose land, and either a land credit amount or land equalisation amount, as specified in the relevant schedule.

Public Open Space Contribution - generally when land is subdivided, a contribution towards public open space must be made, by providing land, making a monetary contribution or a combination of both. The required contribution can differ by area and apply to land not covered by a DCPO or ICO. The detail is specified within clause 53.01 of the Whittlesea Planning Scheme.

In some cases, contributions may also be required under the Development Plan Overlay, a Local Structure Plan, or through a Section 173 Agreement registered on the title of the land.

Contribution rates by area

The rates shown below are the 2023-24 indexed rates.

The information should be read in conjunction with the relevant development contributions plan, infrastructure contributions plan or other plan. Download the full list below.

Developer contribution rates

Epping Central development contributions summary

Donnybrook-Woodstock ICP - Public purpose land credit equalisation amounts

Shenstone Park ICP - Public purpose land credit  equalisation amounts Table 

Contact us

For more information and advice about development contributions, contact our Strategic Infrastructure Team on 9217 2170 or email