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Before you demolish or remove a building

You may need a building permit to demolish any building, or any part of the façade of a building.

You only need a building permit to demolish or remove a building/structure if the:

  • building is not a freestanding class 10 building that is constructed of masonry
  • building exceeds 40m2 in floor area
  • demolition will adversely affect the safety of the public or occupiers of the building
  • work is carried out on or in connection with a building included on the Heritage Register within the meaning of the Heritage Act 1995

Apply for a building permit for demolition/removal work

Section 29A Report and Consent

Before you apply for a building permit to demolish or remove a building/structure, you must first:

  • consider whether a Section 29A Report and Consent is required, in accordance with the Building Act
  • review whether the site is included on the Heritage Victoria Register

You must submit the following documentation with your application for Section 29A Report and Consent:

  • Section 29A application form
  • site plan that clearly shows which building you propose to demolish/remove
  • Certificate of Title
  • the relevant application fee

Request Section 29A demolition form

Building permit to demolish

Obtaining the report and consent is only part of this process, and you will still need to apply for a building permit to demolish the structures.

You must submit the following with your application for a building permit to demolish/remove a building:

  • building permit application form
  • an outline and description of the building or part of the building to be demolished or removed
  • a site plan showing the location of the building in relation to the:
    • boundaries of the allotment
    • adjoining buildings
    • other buildings on the allotment
    • streets, footpaths or crossings adjoining the allotment
  • if only part of the building is to be demolished or removed, submit computations or other information (i.e. beams and temporary propping information as documented by the structural design engineer) to show that the remainder of the building will comply with the Building Act and Regulations
  • information showing the position and description of hoardings, allotment boundaries, barricades, temporary crossings, protective awnings and outriggers
  • current Certificate of Title
  • s29A report and consent response (where applicable)
  • a written description of the demolition or removal procedure
  • evidence that the demolisher has the necessary knowledge, experience, equipment and storage facilities to properly conduct the demolition operations
  • copy of the demolisher’s public indemnity insurance
  • evidence that the demolisher is currently registered with the Building Practitioners Board

Please note that application fees apply and the building surveyor who reviews your application may require additional documentation.