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Information about property fences and how to resolve fencing disputes between neighbours.

You may need a building permit to construct a front, side, back or corner fence on your property. See When you need a building permit.

All fences must meet the Building Regulations 2006 and any covenants that may exist on the Title, regardless of whether a building permit is required.

Adding screening to your fence

If you want to attach screening to your side or back fence, it must still meet the height limits specified in the Building Regulations and you may need a building permit.

You may also need your neighbour’s permission (in accordance with the Fences Act) as fences are jointly owned by neighbours.

Side and back fences

Side and back fences between adjoining properties can be up to 2m high. This advice does not apply if your property Title includes a covenant that controls side boundary fencing heights.

You will require a building permit for any fence higher than the above limits, and also need to meet certain Building Regulation height and length limits for fences higher than 2m. If your fence exceeds these regulation limits, you will need to apply for siting consent.

Neighbouring property owner details

If you are a property owner, you and your neighbour have equal responsibility for the dividing fence on your land. For more information, see Fencing law in Victoria.

The only help we can offer in fence matters is providing the name and mailing address of your neighbouring property owners in writing.

Request contact details of your neighbouring property owners

Please allow up to 5 business days to process this application.

If you are applying for this information as an agent or contractor on behalf of the owner, you must attach the owner's consent that allows you to act on their behalf.  Otherwise, details will not be provided.

The information we provide can only be used for fencing matters stated on the application form. No other personal information will be provided about the neighbour.

We provide these details in accordance with the Privacy and Data Collection Act 2014.

To enquire about the progress of an application, call our Rates Department on 9217 2170.

Fence disputes

Disputes relating to fences located between neighbours are a civil matter and should be handled by the neighbours themselves. We have no power to act in disputes regarding fencing.

If you have a dispute with your neighbour about the dividing fence, contact the Dispute Settlement Centre on 1300 372 888 for assistance.

For more information about resolving disputes with neighbours, visit the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria website.

Front fence

Front fence heights are controlled either by the Building Regulations 2006 or with a covenant on Title.

Check when you need a building permit for a front fence.

Corner fence

Corner properties have additional requirements for front and side fencing.

Fences can only be constructed up to:

  • 1m high within 9m of the point of intersection
  • 1.5m on the front boundary
  • 2m on the side boundary

See illustration below for an example.

However, where a covenant on Title exists on corner fencing then this covenant may override the above requirements.


View a diagram of the maximum allowable heights for corner front fencing.

Fences bordering on Council-owned land

If your property borders onto Council-owned land, contact us on 9217 2050 for fencing advice.