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Aurora Development Plan

A development plan has been created for the Aurora estate in Epping North, which covers the area bound by O'Herns Road, Craigieburn Road and the Hume Freeway (Craigieburn Bypass) to the west.

The development plan is in 2 parts:

Aurora Development Plan (Part 2)

The existing Aurora Development Plan (Part 2) was approved in 2007, and includes plans to provide homes for around 25,000 people as well as:

  • 4 supermarkets
  • discount department store
  • 2 community centres
  • a town centre library
  • higher density housing 
  • future potential for a railway extension

There are 2 Town Centres planned for the Aurora area. The Northern Town Centre is the larger of the 2 and is located near the intersection of Harvest Home Road and Edgars Road. A small town centre is planned for Aurora South, within close proximity to O'Herns Road and the future extension of Edgars Road.

Further information

Contact our Strategic Planning Department on 9217 2145.