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Proposed Development Plan: Precinct 2A Doreen

The proposed Development Plan applies to a number of properties bound by Cookes Road, Yan Yean Road, Bridge Inn Road and existing residential development in Doreen, referred to as Precinct 2A. The proposed Development Plan will guide the future use and development of land for residential purposes.

What area does the proposed Development Plan apply to?

The proposed Development Plan applies to land shown below, referred to as Precinct 2A.

The proposed Development Plan does not propose development on any surrounding properties outside this area.

Development Plan area:

What does the proposed Development Plan do?

The preparation of a Development Plan is a statutory requirement in accordance with the Development Plan Overlay (Schedule 5) in the Whittlesea Planning Scheme, which affects the properties highlighted above.

The Development Plan consists of both text and plan components and provides for a road layout, future residential development parcels and open space network.

Exhibition of the proposed Development Plan

As part of a non-statutory exhibition process, the proposed Precinct 2A Development Plan is being referred to potentially affected property owners/occupiers and relevant Government agencies.

The Development Plan is being exhibited from 20 April 2023 to 22 May 2023.

If you wish to make a submission regarding this matter, please do so in writing to:

Manager Strategic Futures
Whittlesea City Council
Locked Bag 1

Or via email to:

The closing date for submissions is Monday, 22 May 2023.

A decision on the Development Plan will be made at a future Council meeting once any submissions received have been considered.

Further information

For further information on the proposed Development Plan, please contact City of Whittlesea’s Strategic Planning and Economic Development Department:

Telephone: 9217 2170