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Difference between planning and building

Building permits are issued by a registered building surveyor and generally relate only to the construction aspects of a particular building or development. However, there are times when a planning permit may also be required.

Planning permits are legal documents giving permission for a land use or development to occur on a specified parcel of land.

If a planning permit is required, it must be obtained before a building permit can be issued, however, both applications can be made at the same time.

A planning permit does not remove the need to obtain a building permit.

Building permits

If you plan to do some building work around the house, you should check with us to find out whether you need a building permit.

You may need a building permit for the following types of works:

  • building extensions and renovations
  • carports
  • garages and sheds
  • building removal
  • pergolas
  • verandas and deckings
  • retaining walls
  • re-stumping an existing building

Find out if you need a building permit.

Planning permits

You generally need to obtain a Council planning permit to change the use of land, or to construct new or change existing buildings.

You may need a planning permit to:

  • start a business
  • prune or remove a tree
  • subdivide land
  • build 2 or more dwellings (units/townhouses)
  • extend your home
  • change the use of land or buildings
  • display a sign
  • reduce required car parking spaces
  • develop in rural areas
  • open a restaurant, cafe, bar or tavern
  • install a satellite dish
  • remove or vary a covenant/restriction

Find out if you need a planning permit.