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Planning Scheme Review

The Planning Scheme is the legal framework that guides decisions on how all land in the City of Whittlesea is used and developed.

It outlines state and local planning policies - in particular, the local planning policy framework provides the basis for how we will decide which uses and activities are appropriate, and what restrictions, controls or standards may apply to developments.

The Planning and Environment Act requires a planning authority to review its planning scheme no later than one year after each date by which it is required to approve a Council Plan.


Purpose and benefits of Planning Scheme reviews

The purpose of the review is to ensure the Planning Scheme reflects community's vision, by recommending improvements to address the land use and development planning issues that have been identified by our community.

Regular planning scheme reviews are useful for identifying where we need to improve local planning policies and controls. Local planning policies provide guidance about how Council will exercise its discretion under the Whittlesea Planning Scheme and are required to be consistent with State planning policy.

The review findings may recommend specific changes that should be made to correct information that has been superseded by changes in legislation, or controls that have become redundant as a result of new development.

These changes may be made through procedural Planning Scheme amendments once the review findings have been endorsed by Council.

All such changes are exhibited for public comments as part of the standard Planning Scheme amendment process.

Follow this link to view a copy of the current Whittlesea Planning Scheme.

For any further information contact our Strategic Futures Department on 9217 2170.