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The Reportable Conduct Scheme

About the Reportable Conduct Scheme

The Reportable Conduct Scheme (established by the Child Wellbeing and Safety Act 2005) aims to improve organisations’ responses to allegations of certain types of misconduct involving children, committed by their workers and volunteers. It imposes legal obligations on heads of organisations to have systems in place to prevent child abuse, and if child abuse is alleged, to ensure allegations are brought to the attention of appropriate persons for investigation and response.

Reportable conduct against a child includes:

  • Sexual offences
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Physical violence
  • Significant emotional or psychological harm
  • Significant neglect

The Reportable Conduct Scheme has been designed to ensure that the Commission for Children and Young People will be aware of every allegation of certain types of employee/volunteer misconduct involving children. The Commission must be informed of all allegations of child abuse involving a worker or volunteer, and independently monitors all investigations undertaken by organisations.

Any complaints about a City of Whittlesea employee, Administrator, volunteer or contractor’s behaviour or conduct towards a child or young person will be treated seriously and in accordance with the Reportable Conduct Scheme.

To notify Council of any concerns please email or call 9217 2170 (24 hours). If you speak a language other than English, you can call 131 450.  You can also contact the Commission for Children and Young People at or call 1300 78 29 78 (9.30–11.30am and 2.00–4.00pm Monday to Friday, except on public holidays).

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