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Become a Family Day Care Educator

If you hold a minimum Certificate III in children's services, working as an Family Day Care Educator can be a rewarding and fulfilling career option:

  • You will enjoy the benefits of working with a small group of children in your own home
  • You will build ongoing relationships with children and their families and help to shape their growth and development
  • You will be running a business from home and earning an income by providing quality childcare to families in the community.


Being a Family Day Care Educator can be a very rewarding career option.

But it’s important to consider whether this option is suitable for you and your family. Please consider the following:

  • Your home must be maintained to a professional standard inside and outside
  • Family members must assist in maintaining safety standards at all times
  • Your home becomes a workplace and must be shared with the children and families using your service
  • Your children will be sharing toys, equipment and time with you
  • Any changes to the home, like renovations, must be discussed with the coordination unit to ensure it’s appropriate for Family Day Care
  • There is to be no smoking or alcohol consumption in the home while Family Day Care children are present
  • You must work additional hours outside of your care times to complete administration tasks
  • You must also attend professional development training outside work hours.

Recruitment process

We conduct a thorough recruitment process to ensure all our Educators provide high-quality childcare service.

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