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Enhanced Maternal and Child Health Service

Our Enhanced Maternal and Child Health (EMCH) Service is an outreach program providing additional support to families with children from birth to preschool age who may be experiencing challenges impacting parenting, relationships and well-being.   

The EMCH team is a multidisciplinary team made up of Maternal Child Health (MCH) Nurses, Lactation Consultant & Early Childhood Professional, Adult Mental Health Nurse, Infant Mental Health Nurse and Social Worker.

Our team provides support, listens to and actively works with parents and children around their issues or concerns. We aim to empower and encourage each family to identify and build on their strengths.

Questions to consider:

  • Are you worried about how you’re thinking or feeling?
  • Have you got concerns about your relationship with your partner or family?
  • Are you worried about your baby/child’s routines or behaviour?
  • Do you need practical supports like being linked into community services? 

We can help with: 

  • Early parenting 
  • Child development 
  • Infant and adult mental health 
  • Family violence 
  • Feeding, sleep and settling and behavioural concerns 
  • Referrals to support and health agencies 

We also run specialised programs and groups such as:

Circle of Security Parenting Program

A free 8 week parenting program which looks at how parents can build their relationship with their children to enhance attachment.

Children who have secure attachment to their primary caregivers can develop more resilience, better social and problem-solving skills and higher self–esteem.

This can assist children to maintain positive relationship throughout their lives.

Benefits of this program

  • Ways to enhance the development of your child's self-esteem, trust and sense of security.
  • Supporting the creation of a secure base from which your child feels able to explore their world, knowing there is a safe haven to return to.
  • Strategies to build confidence as a parent so that you can enjoy parenting and take on new challenges along the way.

Contact Tanja or Hayley on 84016205 or

For more information and to book your place, follow the link: Circle of Security Term 2 2024

Baby and Me Parent Support Group

Suitable for mothers with babies ages from birth to 6 months.

The Baby and Me group provides a safe and nurturing space where we support you to be with your baby in a playful environment and make connections with other parents.

For further information, call: 8401 6205 or email: