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Parenting programs

We have a range of MCH programs that are facilitated by professionals and aimed to assist parents, including a First Time Parent Group and Sleep & Settling and Feeding program.

First Time Parent Group

Our group is offered over 7 weeks and aims to support you in your new role as a parent.

Adapted to suit the needs of families, the group discussion may include; transition to parenthood, sleep and settling, diet and active play, parenting resources, and forming playgroups.

Benefits include:

  • increasing parental confidence and independence in child-rearing
  • gaining information on child health and development
  • meeting other first-time parents, sharing experiences and learning from each other
  • establishing friendships and social networks

All first-time parents are invited to attend soon after the birth of their child and is age appropriate for babies between the ages of 6 - 12 weeks.

Sleep and Settling

This program provides support to parents to better understand their child’s sleep patterns and cues and create a safe sleeping environment.

Please speak to the Maternal and Child Health nurse at your regular Centre or contact 9404 8888 to organise attendance at a sleep information session.

Commonly discussed topics may include

  • Learning about how your baby sleeps and how it changes over time
  • Ways to establish good sleeping habits through the use of different strategies and techniques for you and your family
  • Recognising your child’s cues and patterns around sleep
  • What other supports are available for you and your family.


Feeding Program

This program supports you with feeding your child solid foods. The program is delivered in two sessions. 

Getting started with food for children 3-6 month of age

This program will discuss when to start and the importance of healthy eating habits right from the beginning. 

Topics include:

  • when and how to introduce solid foods
  • what you will need
  • what and how much to feed your baby
  • common allergy causing foods.

Fun with food for children 6-12 months of age

The program will explore giving solid foods and the importance of healthy eating habits right from the start. 

Topics include:

  • feeding your baby - how is it going for you?
  • to feed milk or food first
  • the importance of play and texture
  • the difference between choking and gagging.