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Figuring it out Together

Tune into Figuring it out Together, a podcast about growing up as young leaders.

Figuring out Together is brought to you by a group of young people who have conversations about real issues that affect them and other young people in the community. 

The group was established out of the Young Women’s Leadership Program, where the idea of sharing issues from a young persons perspective began. The group aims to engage in meaningful social interactions to get their message out to other young people and communities. 

The topics covered throughout the podcasts replicate the themes from the Young Women’s Leadership program in which the young people delve deep in to. The topics also cover emerging issues for young people with open and honest conversations.

With young people being the key drivers in the Figuring out Together podcast, their insights and experiences that are heard throughout the episodes are a reflection of what inspiring young leaders they are in our community.


New episodes drop weekly.

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