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Business permits self-assessment checklist

Find out what type of permits you may need and connect with our business concierge service.


Whether you are a new or established business, you will likely need a permit to operate - you may even need more than one! This information will give you a better understanding of the type of permits you may need and provides you with the opportunity to get our concierge service to contact you to discuss your ideas and requirements in more detail.

If you are proposing to do any of the following it is likely that you will need a planning permit.

  • Open a new business
  • Operate a home based business
  • Change the service your business provides
  • Change the trading hours of the business
  • Apply for or alter a liquor licence
  • Add or change signage
  • Provide parking or increase or reduce car parking
  • Increase in floor area
  • External changes to premises

If you are planning to do any of the following, it is likely that you will need a building permit.

  • Operate a business from home (home occupation)
  • Change the business type or use of the building
  • Make any internal, external or structural changes to a commercial premises
  • Add, change, re-arrange any furniture/fixtures/cabinetry of a new or existing commercial premises
  • Operate a new or change an existing business increasing the number of staff. Eg shop, café, medical centre, hair salon, convenience store
  • Operate a new or change an existing business with more than 20 patrons e.g. café, restaurant
  • Operate a boarding house, rooming house or rent outside of family members
  • Installing a sign, post banner, fence, roller shutter
  • Change any building equipment or services. Eg, hose reel, extinguishers, exit signs, emergency lighting, doors, ramps

If you plan to do any of the following it is likely that you will need an Environmental Health registration.

  • Buying or selling an existing business
  • Operate a food business from a fixed premises e.g. café, restaurant
  • Sell food from a food truck (temporary or mobile premises)
  • Operate a public health business. i.e. hair, beauty, tattooing etc.
  • Operating your business from home
  • Operate an accommodation business e.g. rooming house, hotel/motel
  • Install or alter a septic tank

It is likely that you will need a Footpath trading permit if your business requires you to;

  • Place tables and/or chairs on the footpath
  • Place an A-frame sign on the footpath
  • Display goods on the footpath e.g fruit displays, clothing racks

If you are planning to sell or allow consumption of alcoholic drinks you may require a Liquor License.

Please note: the Victorian Commission for Gaming and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR) are responsible for issuing liquor licenses, however, sale of liquor will also require council planning and food permits.

Would you like to discuss your need for permits?

If you are likely to need more than one permit please contact our Economic Development Team for support prior to starting your application process.

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