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Market stalls and food trucks

Temporary food stalls are sites that are not permanently fixed, where food is sold, prepared or handled.


These include stalls and tents at fetes, farmers markets, craft markets, shows, festivals or other short term events.

Food trucks (mobile food premises) are vehicles such as vans, trailers or carts from which food is sold.

Regulations for temporary food and mobile food operators

Operators of market stalls and food trucks (temporary and mobile food premises) - including community groups - must obtain some level of Food Act registration to operate in Victoria. 

You must register or notify your principal council, which is where you prepare or store the food to be sold from the food business. If you do not store food, it is the municipality where your business address is located.

You can easily register by using the FoodTrader website, which automatically determines and notifies your principal council.  This website also allows you to lodge Statement of Trade documents.

How to register

  1. Login to the FoodTrader website.
  2. Answer questions about your food handling activities to determine your food safety risk classification and fees to pay.
  3. Register under Class 2 or 3 (we charge a fee to commercial operators) or complete a once-off notification form under Class 4 (no fee will be charged by any council)
  4. Submit your form on FoodTrader
  5. Submit a Statement of Trade online with FoodTrader (at least 5 days before trading). The principal council and the councils where you are trading will automatically be notified.

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