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Making your business more sustainable

Facilitation of business renewable buying group deals

We're joining forces with councils across Victoria to assist businesses to purchase renewable energy and cut their emissions.

The Business Renewables Buying Group is designed to bring together like-minded businesses seeking to switch to 100% renewable electricity. With the support of Council and an external facilitator, a group of medium and large sized businesses will work collectively to scale up their buying power whilst cutting complexity, time, and cost associated with going 100% renewable.  

The aim of this program is to create a repeatable and scalable group purchasing method to support more businesses to join a renewable future. Council is recruiting for business participants consuming over 500mWh per annum of electricity and looking to scale up their buying power whilst cutting complexity, time, and cost associated with going 100% renewable. 

The initiative was announced as a winner at the Cities Power Partnership’s fifth annual national Climate Awards, which recognise the work of local governments paving the way to a zero-carbon future.

This program is part of many Council projects aimed at supporting our community, both individuals and businesses alike, to reduce their carbon footprint by transitioning to 100% renewable energy.

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Circular Economy Brochure

The City of Whittlesea Economic Development Department have produced a Circular Economy insights brochure, which provides an overview of what the Circular Economy is, how becoming Circular could benefit your business and what support is available to businesses looking to make the switch.

Download our brochure, or contact our Circular Economy and Sustainable Business Officer on 03 9217 2170 or email

Circular Economy Plan

Due to disruptions in global recycling markets in 2018 which placed restrictions on how much waste we can export as a country, there has been a need to overhaul the way we manage our own waste. This includes the significant amount of waste coming from Australian businesses.

One way to tackle this widespread issue is through the adoption of the circular economy. The circular economy is an emerging way of doing business. It contrasts with the current linear economy, or the “take, make, waste” approach. It is a holistic system that makes the most out of materials already circulating in our economy, instead of relying heavily on the extraction of new/virgin materials from the natural environment. It values materials at every stage – including design, production, use, and disposal. It is done by recovering, reusing, recycling, or reducing materials at the end of their intended use. In doing so, it reduces the environmental impacts of creating products.

The City of Whittlesea developed a Circular Economy Plan that advocates for circular principles in line with the Strong Local Economy Strategy. It includes a set of actions to be implemented over the next three years which aim to support and encourage the solid understanding of businesses of circular economy concepts. It also encourages the development of products and services as businesses embrace greater circularity in their operations. It advocates for behaviour change among consumers to appreciate the widespread economic, environmental and social benefits of supporting circular products and services. Lastly, it advocates for the state and federal governments to incorporate circularity into consumer products. Ultimately, the Circular Economy Plan aims to position the City of Whittlesea as a renowned municipality for its commitment in facilitating a thriving circular economy within the business community.

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