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Fencing in livestock

When you own or graze livestock on your property, you must make sure that your fencing prevents your livestock from escaping onto the road or into adjoining properties.

If your livestock are found grazing on the road, you can be issued with a notice to contain your livestock, and if you fail to do so you may have to pay a significant fine.

If we think your fencing is inadequate to prevent your livestock from entering the road or adjoining properties, we may issue you with a notice to repair or replace inadequate fencing and gates. Fencing must be regularly checked and maintained to a suitable standard.

This notice may specify the type of fencing required and possibly the materials and size of fence to be used.

If you don't comply with a notice, you may be issued a fine.

We can also impound your livestock if it is trespassing on public or private land. Fees apply to reclaim stock.

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