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Nature strips

Maintaining the nature strip outside your property, and ensuring it is in a safe and tidy condition is the responsibility of the resident/owner.

Maintenance activities must ensure that a nature strip continues to be fit for purpose, meets design requirements and does not deteriorate into a public eyesore.

If the nature strip outside of your urban property currently features anything other than grass and a Council-planted street tree, you may need to make changes to it from 1 January 2015.

Nature strip guidelines

We will shortly be reviewing Council's Nature Strip Guidelines. Further information, including how you can provide your feedback will be available in the new year.  

Parking on a nature strip

It is illegal to park any part of a vehicle on a nature strip as declared under Victorian Road Safety Road Rule 197. Vehicles parked on nature strips obstruct the view of drivers and pedestrians entering and exiting driveways. They can cause damage to utility connections and tree roots under the nature strip and prevent access to these utilities as well as being detrimental to the look of the area.

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