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Sale and disposal of unregistered / abandoned vehicles and impounded goods

The City of Whittlesea has impounded the following vehicles due to the fact that the vehicles were unregistered or deemed as being abandoned on a road or Council land within the municipality. In accordance with Whittlesea’s General Municipal Law 2014 and the Local Government Act 1989, the listed vehicles have been impounded for a period of 14 days without being reclaimed and are now in the possession of the City of Whittlesea ready to be disposed of.

As stated under Whittlesea’s General Municipal Law 2014, 12.3(1)(a) A person must not park an unregistered vehicle (if it is of a class which requires it to be or is usually registered under the Road Safety Act 1986) or a derelict vehicle on a road, in a public place (except with the consent of the occupier) or on Council land. 12.3(3) A vehicle left standing or abandoned on a road or Council land contrary to sub-clause (1) may be removed and impounded by Council or an authorised officer and if that occurs a notice in a form of Schedule 4 will, if practicable, be given.

The City of Whittlesea has now taken possession of the listed vehicles and are requesting offers from any interested parties. If you are the successful bidder of the said vehicle, the vehicle will be delivered to your location of choice upon receipt of payment. (Please note, vehicles are sold as salvageable vehicles with no keys and extra charges will apply for deliveries outside of the municipality. Tows within the municipality can be arranged with Council free of charge. Unregistered vehicles must be placed onto private property and kept in accordance with any applicable Local Law or Legislation). Only successful bidders will be notified.

Lot items for auction

The auction is closed, stay tuned on this page for future auction updates.

How to submit a bid

Acceptance of bid amounts is at the discretion of Council. Offers must contain the relevant Lot number, full name, address, email, contact phone number and tender offer. Incomplete offers will be deemed to be invalid.

At conclusion of the offer period, Council will notify the successful bidders. If there is more than one party with an equal maximum bid, they will be notified by Council and allowed an opportunity to resubmit a further bid for that item.

Successful bidders will be granted a period of 48 hours once notified to finalise payment. (Payment options will be provided to the successful buyer). Once payment has been finalised, the vehicle will be delivered to your location of choice or you will be informed to organise removal of the vehicle by a towing contractor of your choice.

Please note: Bids will not be accepted from previous owners of vehicles.

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