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Report road hazards

We welcome your input on how we can improve the local road network.

You can help to keep our roads and footpaths in good repair by reporting potential problems including:

  • footpath damage and tripping hazards
  • potholes
  • oil and other road spills
  • dead animals on the road
  • graffiti
  • dumped needles and syringes
  • frequent road accident locations
  • excessive speed and traffic volume
  • inappropriate driver behaviour such as parking across driveways, cutting corners and bends
  • requests for changes in parking arrangements
  • requests for bus shelters or bus stop improvements
  • street lighting faults – e.g. street light not working at night, only works intermittently, or is on during the day

One of our officers will inspect the location and organise the appropriate repairs or action.

How to report problems

You can report a road fault online

Alternatively, you can contact the following departments and agencies directly:

  • Damaged road or footpath
    To report a damaged local road or footpath, call 9217 2170
  • Traffic issues
    To report traffic issues, call 9217 2170 or email
  • Street light faults
    To report a faulty street light, contact SP AusNet
  • Request an extra street light
    Call 9217 2419
  • Traffic light faults
    For all traffic light faults, call VicRoads on 13 11 70

Stormwater drain damage

Property owners are responsible for repairs to their stormwater drainage pipe, from the boundary of their property to the kerb and channel (or drain/pit).

We are responsible for fixing problems with Council drainspits, and the kerb and channel, including:

  • blocked stormwater drains
  • broken pit lids

For more information, see stormwater drainage.

Driveway damage

If the footpath section of a driveway (also known as vehicle crossing or crossover) is considered dangerous, we will pay for any works required to repair the footpath. The landowner is responsible for repairing the rest of the driveway.