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Road safety programs

We run local road safety awareness and education programs, in partnership with VicRoads and the Victoria Police, to help reduce the frequency and severity of crashes on our local roads.

Hoon Hotline

If you witness any inappropriate or anti-social (hoon) driver behaviour, you should report it to the Victoria Police by phoning the Hoon Hotline on 1800 333 000.

Alternatively, you can report a hoon driver online.

Note: it is illegal to use your mobile phone while driving.

When making a report, you should provide any available details including:

  • location
  • date and time of incident
  • make, model, colour and registration of vehicle
  • your name and address (if a follow-up is required)


As a member of RoadSafe within the Metropolitan North East area, we develop community initiatives to support the State Government road safety programs at a local community level.

These programs may include:

  • drink driving
  • speed
  • fatigue
  • older road users
  • young drivers
  • pedestrian safety
  • road safety for children
  • child restraint use
  • motorcycle and vehicle safety

RoadSafe programs that we have supported include:

  • Not So Fast – Speed Reduction program
  • Make Motorcycling Safer – aimed at reducing motorcycle crashes
  • Learning to drive – 'Keys Please'
  • Drink driving – 'Almost a bloody idiot'

Not So Fast – Speed Awareness program

Our Not So Fast – Speed Awareness program aims to remind drivers of the 50km/h speed limit in local streets, and encourage them to slow down, drive safely and be aware of other road users including pedestrians.

Speed observation sign

We use a portable (trailer-mounted) speed observation sign throughout the municipality, to remind drivers to watch their speed. The speed observation trailer displays the speed of oncoming vehicles and, depending on the recorded speed, shows a different message to the driver. 

Drivers do not get booked by the speed observation trailer. However, the Victoria Police, which supports it, continues to enforce the speed limit. 

The presence of the speed observation trailer in local streets has significantly reduced vehicle speeds, especially for vehicles driving over 50km/h.

For enquiries please contact the Traffic Engineering Team on 9217 2170.